What To Do To Overcome Anxiety Before Your Greatest Moments

If you are having a low confidence and more anxiety before a big moment in your life, it is important to follow some tips how prepare yourself for the opportunity.

Recall best time

When you are feeling really low when an opportunity knocks in it is suggested to recall your best performances. If possible, do watch video footage of your best time. It can be audio tracks too and start focusing for a moment of your professional best. Recalling the moments will surely increase the odds that you can do again.

Listen playlist

If you listen to your favorite playlist, you may get rid of anxiety and gain confidence. The right song, motivating lyrics and upbeat rhythms can improve performance.

Reappraise anxiety

Don’t calm down yourself before any nervous-making event. It is better to shift nervousness into excitement. Try to tell yourself “I’m so excited.”

Try beta blocker

A class of drug called beta blockers is helpful to people with cardiac problems, but lately doctors too are prescribing it before a high-stake event.

Rituals or routines

A research says those who follow a routine or ritual are better in their performances. It is not yet known how it is possible, but rituals or routine distract from feeling anxiety.

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