How to Create a Javascript Web Page Slide Show

It is very easy to create an animation loop with Javascript . How to Make Web Page Animations Using Javascript shows how an image can be moved around the display area of a web browser using the setTimeout method.

The command is used by a function to call itself after a short interval (for example 10ms) and this creates an infinite loop which can be used to animate a web page object. And, of course, this infinite loop can also be used to produce other effects on the web page. Effects such as a slide show.

Creating an Infinite Loop with setTimeout

The infinite loop is created by making a function call itself after a set time period (in this case 1 second):

function slideshow () {
setTimeout (function() { slideshow ()} , 1000, “JavaScript”);

Here the function reset the timer when ever it runs, however it does not run automatically. The function mas be called from Javascript in order to set the loop in motion:

slideshow () ;
Nothing obvious will happen if this is viewed in a web browser, but something more definite can be seen with a little more code:

This time the web browser will be seen to continually count from 0 to 9. It’s this simple technique that can be adapted to create a simple slide show.

Creating a Slide Show with setTimeout

The first step of creating a slide show is to set where the images are to be located and which is the default image:

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