Home Security Tips for Single Moms

Living without a husband or wife can be a big change and one of the issues can be how secure a woman feels in her home. These are some simple ideas to improve how secure a woman feels in her house or apartment and in turn feel better about the safety of her children. It’s always important to be aware of one’s surroundings and to ensure that the physical security of the home is set up in the best way possible to keep intruders out.

Have Mail Come in With Initials or Man’s Name

Having a man in a woman’s life does not equal safety, but for a criminal thinking to break into a place, the idea of it can be a deterrent. Some women set up their mail so what is sent to them is with their initials only and without a Miss or Ms. if possible. Others actually have mail sent to their home with a man’s name on it, such as with a magazine subscription.

Phone Number for a Single Mom

In the phonebook, a woman can choose to have her initials only or another option is to get an unlisted phone number. Cell phones are not listed, so only having a cell phone is another possibility.

Voicemail and Answering Message Should Not Have Name

When making a voicemail or answering machine message, do not put in a name. Instead of saying “I am not home right now…” say “We are not able to take your call right now…” The latter is better because it implies there is more than one person home and it also does not say that no one is home, just that no one can get to the phone. Some women choose to get a man who is a friend or relative to make the recording for them.

Don’t Put Name on Mailbox

Especially in an apartment building, names are often listed on mailboxes and/or at the entrance for buzzer entry. Tenants can ask to have the name removed or if a name must be listed, have only the last name and an initial for the first name. If a woman feels she wants to have her name on her mailbox and has the option to decide and put it up herself, use a simple computer font and print it out. An elaborate font and certain writing styles are seen as more “feminine.”

Keep Blinds and Drapes Closed at Night

When it gets dark outside, it is really easy to see into a home with lights on. Don’t let potential burglars get a look into what great things are in the house that they might want to come in and take. As well, having blinds and drapes closed in the evening can help keep away Peeping Toms and anyone with bad intentions.

When the Repairman Comes Over

When a single mom needs to call in someone to repair the TV or hook up the internet, one idea is to call and say “I am Mrs. ….” Although this person is being paid to offer a service and can be from a well known company, he or she is still a stranger. When such a person enters the home, it’s a good idea not to say “I am single” or talk about personal issues.

Some women like to put out men’s clothing just for such visits, be it a big mack jacket on the couch, a laundry basket of a variety of men’s clothes or a man’s razor and shaving cream in the bathroom. Another idea is to have big muddy work boots sitting outside the front door.

Home security starts with a woman thinking about her surroundings and how she can keep what is personal and private exactly that. These are simple ways to help single moms feel better about the safety of themselves and their children.

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