Elden Ring: 5 Best One Handed Sword Elden Ring For Different Playstyles!

Best One Handed Sword Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a game that allows players to choose their playstyle instead of feeding everything to the players. One-handed swords remain the most flexible among the categories in Elden Ring, we will be talking about the best one-handed sword in Elden ring.

Players want to know the best one handed sword Elden ring, they can start the find to play an advantage because Elden Ring will give you the hardest Boss with even a small mistake you can die. You need anything that gives you an advantage.

Best One Handed Sword Elden Ring

These swords have their playstyle and range to play with. They have not overpowered weapons that will work in every situation; you have to be careful with them and master them. 

Rotten Crystal Sword

If you prefer a straight sword above a curved one Rotten crystal sword is perfect for you. With your attack, the passive buildup of the Scarlet Rot and on top of that talent of spinning slash will give you full advantage of this sword because of the good swing pattern of straight swords. 

The Rotten Crystal Sword also gains bonus magic damage, making it a viable option for a variety of builds. The sword is kept in a chest guarded by three Crystalians in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree.

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Sword Of Night And Flame

One of the most popular weapons, right so Sword of Night and Flame, is the best one handed sword Elden ring. With its dual weapon art, that provides a great deal of damage. 

Sword of night and flame is more adaptable for magic users. To wield this weapon your faith and intelligence should be at least 24. Its first form of art is comet Azur sorcery but it has less FP cost and a sweeping flame arc. 

Antspur Rapier

If you prefer to take range fights Antspur Rapier is for you. The crimson rot it possesses is its main giveaway. It gives great value to PVP and PVE. 

The weapon can be obtained as a drop from Maleigh Marais whom you can find in a shaded castle. It works perfectly with the powerful shield. 

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Rivers Of Blood 

Not so popular at first because it did not work properly at first but with the constant updates to make things better, Rivers of Blood is now up to power with the best one handed sword Elden ring. Its Arcane scaling is optimized better and it’s bleed damage has made it a weapon that provides lethal damage to opponents.

Hand of Malenia

The grind of wielding this one handed sword the Hand of Malenia is a lot but at the same time it is worthwhile was give you 50 passive bleed buildup and it is the best one handed sword Elden ring. After Nagakiba, the Hand of Malenia is the second largest sword. 

The skill of waterfowl dancing after the first’ wind-up is impossible to hide from because of its aggressive nature. You obtain it through the use of Malenia’s boss’s remembrance. Very usually in PVE and PVP battles. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q- What is the best sword on Elden Ring?

Ans. The hand of Malenia is the best sword on Elden Ring. Second largest sword after the Nagakiba. It requires a great amount of grind to wield but it is worthwhile to do so. 

Q- What is the most damaging sword in Elden Ring?

Ans. Miséricorde has the most critical rate among the swords of Elden ring. It is made for providing critical hits and getting an open opportunity against the enemy and hits it and breaking the enemy’s poise. 


Elden Ring has a vast variety of playstyles and among those single handed swords are very popular. We bring you the best one handed sword Elden ring, so you can pick the best and make use of it and enjoy your game. A list of the top 5 weapons is mentioned above. I hope you find this to be helpful. 

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