Dennis Haggerty Dives Into Privacy Concerns Related To Vehicle Data

Right now, people are thinking about their privacy more often than they ever did in the past. This makes sense. A lot of people are aware that their smartphones know way too much about them. When this is combined with the variety of smart home devices, such as the Echo Dot, which may be listening to you, it only makes sense that people are asking what other devices might be collecting information about them. Now, it is important for people to listen to experts, such as Dennis Haggerty, who are also sounding the alarm on cars. What type of information do cars collect, and how might this information be used?

Cars Collect a Variety of Driving Information

First, it is important to understand that cars collect a variety of information. For example, it is not unusual for cars to track how fast they are going at different times. Particularly with GPS capabilities, it is relatively easy for people to figure out how fast a car was going at a certain point in time. If a car has an entertainment system, it might collect information as well. It might track programs that are playing on the radio, the different entertainment options people access, and when they are accessed. Cars also use sensors to collect information related to seat belt use, airbag deployment, and numerous other issues. Dennis Haggerty keeps up with the different types of information cars collect.

How Is This Information Used?

According to experts, such as Dennis Haggerty, this information can be used in a variety of ways. For example, a lot of insurance companies talk to car manufacturers to see if they can get information related to people’s driving habits. This means that your driving habits could be recorded by your car and used by an insurance company to set insurance rates. Furthermore, the information stored by a vehicle could be subpoenaed in the event of a criminal or civil case. For example, this information might be needed to assign fault following an accident, and different people could be held responsible for certain aspects of the accident depending on the information.

What Consumers Need To Know

Ultimately, it is important for consumers to understand that their cars are collecting information about them. If someone is interested in buying a new car, they need to talk to the auto manufacturer to see what type of information the car is collecting. Then, consumers need to decide whether it matters that the car is collecting this type of information. Even though consumers might not necessarily have a lot of control regarding the collection of this data, Dennis W. Haggerty Jr. still believes that it is important for people to know whether the car is collecting information.

Looking to the Future of Car Information and Data Collection

With the rise of autonomous cars, this is only going to become a bigger issue. It is important for consumers to be aware of the data that is being collected and how it is being used.