Common Diet Plans Does Not Fit All, Personalized Advice Required: Study

In a new study it is found universal healthy diet may not work equally fine for everyone and so it is suggested to scrap the diet plan as of now as people’s responses to food varies significantly.

Researchers Eran Elinav and Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute of Science conducted the study concluding people can metabolize differently the exact same foods.

Details of the study are published in the latest issue of Cell journal. It writes even though doctors are prescribing the same kinds of food across the world to those who are suffering from weight or health issues, the healthy diet for one person may not turn to be of same healthy nature for another person.

It is said doctors must recommend a personalized nutrition diet chart based on the way the patient metabolizes certain foods.

The researchers studied 800 people and measured how the food is digested in each of the individual over the course of one week. All were asked to log every bite they eat, every sip they drink, the exercise session, the bowel movement and also the sleep session on a phone app. A device attached to their body measured blood sugar levels in a gap of every five minutes. The subjects had also submitted their blood samples for further tests and were given to eat the same exact meals for breakfast to gauge the different effects of same food.

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