Best Way to Resell Hosting — Reseller, VPS, or Dedicated Servers

Web and internet are not only about hosting content like videos, texts, or gifs and make money from it. There is a lot more you could do with the web hosting business too. You can offer businesses, clients, and other website owners with a hosting alternative just like the giants are doing it these days. 

That being said, one thing you might not be aware of are reselling the hosting services. It is just like buying the smartphones in bulk and then selling it to the customers that need it. For that, you have to purchase smartphones from a smartphone manufacturer and then sell it to your customer, right? Similarly, you can sell web hosting to site owners, and such a business is known as Reseller Web Hosting business. It is a lucrative business option in which everything boils down to the quality of service you offer as hosting reseller.

Hence, you need to pick a hosting provider that does not compromise on quality and provides the highest uptime with superior performance. 

But, once you jump into it, you will be confused if you should go for a Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server, or a Reseller Hosting package. Ohh! Don’t worry; we will help you sort that out. Keep reading. 

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is the most common and obvious model when it comes to reselling web hosting. You can simply buy a Reseller Hosting account from a top web host giant and resell shared hosting further to your clients. 

Expense in such option is less, requires least technical prowess which makes it an ideal choice for people who are short on resources yet want to start a business. It surely will come with cPanel and WHM. All you have to do is make the packages and resell it. 

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) is one of the hosting services gaining popularity due to its ease of use and efficient arrangement of resources. You can opt for VPS Hosting if you want a granular level control over the hardware. It is a popular option among many resellers. It allows you to decide what and when to install on your VPS server and also has greater chances of growing. If you see the downside, you might have to pay an extra fee for licenses of cPanel and WHM, depending on the provider. 

Dedicated servers

If you are someone who is growing at a fast rate in reseller business and cannot accommodate the clients in VPS or Reseller Hosting, you go for dedicated servers. You might have outgrown your audience or want to start big on the charts of the hosting; you might want to go for dedicated hosting.

In a nutshell

Web hosting might look big bucks, but there is a vast and fierce competition here. There are hosting businesses offering the best hosting services at all budgets from low to big, according to the customer base. So, if you are planning to enter the competition, make sure you start with a bomb to make a mark in the industry that creates a lasting impression. Be it VPS Hosting or Dedicated Servers, one thing you should not compromise on is the quality of service.