3 ways to manually restore a managed iPad or iPhone

Managing iPads and iPhones at scale is made easier when leveraging an MDM solution. However, when devices need to be restored, an out-of-box method may be required to get the device operational again.

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Ask anyone tasked with managing iOS-based devices like iPads and iPhones, mobile device management (MDM) suites make all the difference in the world. From simplifying the overall management afforded by standardizing and securing devices uniformly to allowing administrators to centrally manage thousands or tens of thousands of devices, the benefits are endless.

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I can’t say enough nice things about good MDM products, however, as with all computing devices, sometimes they require an additional touch that requires restoring the device in order for it to be re-enrolled and fully manageable once again. Luckily, iOS devices have a few avenues available to them to allow admins and users alike to perform the restoration process to get the device back on board. The best part is that many of these can be performed remotely and with little to no effort for the user.

1. Wipe command from MDM

Any MDM worth its salt will have

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2021 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid review: Practical plug-in

The updated styling isn’t for everyone, but most of us dig it.

Emme Hall/Roadshow

The Chrysler Pacifica minivan gets a number of updates for 2021, including a fancy new Pinnacle trim, upgraded technology and some styling tweaks. The Pacifica Hybrid returns, as well, and it’s available across the van’s lineup. If you’re looking for minivan functionality with a major boost of efficiency, this is a seriously compelling option — with one big caveat.


  • Excellent infotainment
  • Solid driving manners
  • Plug-in hybrid efficiency

Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t act like a true PHEV
  • All-wheel drive isn’t available

Plug-in hybrids are great because they offer real electric range in addition to the easy convenience of having a gas engine. Chrysler says the Pacifica Hybrid can travel 32 miles on battery power alone, which is enough for most people’s commutes. The problem is, the Pacifica doesn’t let you choose when to use the battery power. Most plug-ins will give the driver the option to select this themselves — for example, you can use electric power in the city but the run the gas engine on the highway where it’s most efficient. In the Pacifica, however, the 16-kilowatt-hour battery expends its juice right from the get-go,

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Will you get your second stimulus check before the cutoff? Here’s who’s first and last

Will you be first in line for a stimulus check — or last?

Angela Lang/CNET

The second stimulus checks of $600 have already started arriving in bank accounts across the country. The IRS will start sending paper checks out starting Wednesday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced on Twitter. Shortly after Mnuchin’s tweet, the IRS posted a confirmation of the details on its website, including that the agency’s Get My Payment portal will be reopening later this week so you can check the status of your first and second payments.

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump signed a COVID-19 relief bill that includes a second stimulus check for up to $600 per adult and qualified child dependents, but Trump has continued to pressure Congress to increase those payments to $2,000. So far, the House of Representatives has passed a bill that would increase the amount of the second stimulus check to $2,000, but the Senate has yet to vote on it.

Although the IRS has started sending out payments this week, not everyone who’s eligible will necessarily get one right away. Where the IRS slots you into its payment schedule can give you an idea whether you’d be

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7 handy Terminal commands for Mac users to know

These basic Terminal commands are often overlooked, though are useful for Mac users trying to obtain information about a system they may not be familiar with quickly and efficiently.

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How many times has this happened to you? You’re tasked with working on group of devices that you have little to no prior knowledge of, or you simply need to pull some basic info from the machines quickly. The fastest way I’ve found to accomplish this is by using the Terminal and some basic, but incredibly useful, commands to extract the needed information in no time flat.

I’ve even added some of the Terminal commands below to a script I’ve crafted that helps to further automate this process, whether being executed manually or over SSH. The best part: These Terminal commands are all very flexible and may be combined with other commands in more complex scripts to create actionable, universal tasks, built on the information output from the basic commands below.

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1. How to obtain the macOS version

sw_vers -productVersion 

This command provides a simple output of the major and minor version of macOS installed

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Change your macOS power settings to prevent disconnecting from VPN/Wi-Fi when the computer is locked

You should always lock your computer when you walk away. But sometimes, that becomes a hassle. Here’s one way to make it easier.

Image: iStock/Artem Khyzhynskiy

I’m a firm believer in locking your computer when you step away from it for any amount of time. It’s just a habit I’ve formed over decades of computing that has served me well by keeping my data confidential and out of unauthorized hands—this is especially important for those who work in tight quarters with other IT staff, as that can lead to a lot of pranks.

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For those of us who have transitioned home for work, pranksters may not really be much of a concern, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other very good reasons to lock your computer while away from it. For me, the frustrating thing isn’t unlocking the device each time I return, but the loss of VPN or Wi-Fi connection when locking it, which disrupts anything I’ve been working on.

Apple prides itself in the stellar power management settings for its mobile devices, and while the default configuration is great for most, for remote workers it can be a bit too aggressive

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2021 Mercedes-Benz E450 All-Terrain review: The sweet spot

This is a stylish long-roof hauler.

Craig Cole/Roadshow

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz E450 All-Terrain is the automotive equivalent of a cronut. This cleverly engineered pastry combines the tender flakiness of a croissant with the deep-fried goodness of a doughnut. In the baked-goods universe, cronuts truly are the best of both worlds. And just like this scrumptious treat, the E450 All-Terrain brings together disparate attributes into one delightful package — chiefly, the versatility and refinement of a station wagon with the enhanced capability and more-rugged styling of an SUV. This unique blend of traits results in a delightful vehicle that’s arguably more than the sum of its parts, just like a cronut.


  • Surprising versatility
  • Sumptuous interior
  • Silky-smooth ride

Don’t Like

  • Byzantine MBUX infotainment system
  • Occasionally rough gear changes
  • Irritating touch-control buttons

Of course, the folks in Stuttgart aren’t the only ones going this route. Audi and Volvo have been doing it for years with the A6 Allroad and V90 Cross Country, respectively, and Subaru’s mass-market Outback cleared the trail years prior. These models have proven this a viable strategy, one Mercedes-Benz has only now adopted here.

The E450 All-Terrain comes standard with 4Matic all-wheel drive and an adjustable air-suspension system.

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