Homebrew: How to install post-exploitation tools on macOS

We’ll guide you through the process of using Homebrew package manager to install post-exploit security tools on macOS to further assess compromised system vulnerabilities found in your Apple equipment.

Illustration: Lisa Hornung, Getty Images/iStockPhoto

In this final article in the Homebrew series, we look at the availability of post-exploit tools you can use to further assess vulnerabilities in computing devices. You can use these to continue following the attack chain in an effort to establish permission escalation, persistence, and pivot from one compromised system to another, extending the attack throughout the network.

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This part of the engagement is not about compromising the system initially: That is the exploit phase. But the post-exploit process deals with the initial level of access obtained on the compromised system and evolving it into something far more in order to obtain as much data on the underlying system and any hosts that might be communicating with it over the same network segment and beyond.

By using the proper tools, security admins and penetration testers can perform a deep dive on the system and continue the attack on subsequent systems encountered during the additional reconnaissance process

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Apple job postings give further credence to electric car rumors

The company’s Special Project Group posted more than 300 jobs for electrical engineers, road safety specialists, and those with automotive experience in 2020.

Image: Conner Forrest/TechRepublic

Apple’s long-rumored electric car, codenamed Project Titan, appears to be continuing to ramp up, with analytics firm GlobalData finding that the company posted over 300 jobs in 2020 “including key roles that indicate working on battery power management, road safety and car experience.”

All of the 300+ jobs in question were posted by Apple’s Special Projects Group (SPG), which GlobalData describes as “a way through which the company works on innovative projects that can be scaled in the future.” 

“GlobalData’s Job Analytics database shows that Apple made specific job postings that closely relate to developing proprietary software and battery technology. Additionally, with the recruitment of ex-Tesla employees over the past few years, Apple is in a better place than ever to know the best step forward for its ambitious electric cars project,” said Ajay Thalluri, a business fundamentals analyst with the firm.

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A sample of postings, all of which are for positions in the SPG, include:

  • Senior power systems
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How to buy, return, or repair an Apple product amid Apple Store closures

What do you do if your local Apple Store is closed or booked up for appointments? Luckily, Apple provides multiple ways to achieve your goals. Some might be faster than others.

Your local Apple Store has traditionally been an ideal spot for buying, browsing, requesting support, or getting repairs on any Apple product. But with the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, many stores have closed or are limiting their interaction with the public. That leaves buyers and users in a conundrum.

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Maybe you need technical service or repairs on an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple product. Perhaps you’re considering an Apple Watch or other product that you want to physically see and try on. Maybe you need to return an item purchased at an Apple Store before the return deadline is up. How can you handle any of these tasks if your nearest stores aren’t accessible?

How to search for Apple Stores

First, check the status of your closest stores. Apple’s US retail store website helps you search for your local stores by state and city. At the Apple Store List site, you can browse for stores

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Want a new MacBook Pro? Answer these 6 questions before buying the Apple laptop

Is now the best time for you to buy a new MacBook Pro? Erik Eckel presents six questions that will help you determine whether you can justify making this purchase.

Image: Apple

People, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, are making long-delayed purchases and splurging on everything from vacation homes to automobiles to hobby-related endeavors. The prevailing sentiment is life is finite, so why not treat yourself, especially when pandemic-related reminders are everywhere?

While prudence is always important, particularly during a pandemic when business expenses must carefully be managed, don’t overlook the importance of having capable tools, too. They aren’t just wish-list items.

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Business owners are often reluctant to invest in needed new technologies when, in fact, the investments enhance efficiencies, improve operations, and boost performance. It’s the old penny-wise and pound-foolish argument, once again.

With so many businesses pivoting to enable remote work, better service, and changing customer needs, it’s possible your previously purchased laptop was never intended to be used in the way you are relying on it. All of a sudden, system performance, Wi-Fi reliability, available storage, ports and expandability, and display size are potentially

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Samsung unveils new 870 EVO SSD with faster performance

The 2.5-inch SATA solid-state drive aims for a speeder ride than its predecessor and offers storage options from 250GB to 4TB.

Samsung’s 870 EVO solid-state drive

Image: Samsung

Samsung has introduced a new SSD that promises speed, reliability, and budget-friendly prices.

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Available this month, the new 870 EVO SSD is Samsung’s follow-up to the 860 EVO, which debuted in 2018. Packaged with a 2.5-inch SATA configuration, the 870 EVO is built with Samsung’s latest V-NAND controller to help it reach maximum SATA sequential read and write speeds of 560 and 530 megabytes per second, respectively.

With a large variable SLC buffer, the drive’s TurboWrite technology keeps it at peak performance levels, according to Samsung.

The 870 EVO also kicks in a nearly 38% improvement in random read speed and a 30% gain in sustained performance over its 860 predecessor. With those boosts, Samsung touts the 870 EVO as offering a better experience whether you’re multitasking, web browsing, or just booting up your PC.

Samsung is positioning the new drive as a solid choice for a variety of consumers, from general PC users to IT professionals. With its 2.5-inch SATA interface, the 870 is

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