This is how your third stimulus check could be ‘targeted’

A targeted stimulus check means some people could get $1,400 per person and others could get nothing.

Sarah Tew/CNET

What does a “targeted” third stimulus check look like? Proposals have covered all the bases, but the latest one (PDF) could signal a firmer direction for the future $1,400 per person maximum stimulus payment. The conversation has bounced back and forth for weeks, but now takes on an extra dimension against the backdrop of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial (where to watch it live). With the Senate now a court of impeachment, House Democrats have so far taken the lead to define what might happen next.

It’s complicated, but we’ll lay out how the next check could redraw income limits so fewer high income earners receive a new check (here’s how some might get a smaller check than before). In other cases, the $1,400 amount could send the budget for stimulus checks soaring, especially if each dependent in a household also gets $1,400. But an aspect of the “targeting” rules would change some qualifications in the forthcoming $1.9 trillion stimulus bill to keep dependents from opening a loophole for getting more money.

Behind it

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