Apple to launch new learning hub and developer academy as part of Racial Equity and Justice Initiative

The learning hub will provide a virtual platform and physical campus for people of color, while the Detroit-based developer academy will teach students how to code.

A rendering of Apple’s Propel Center campus with lecture halls, learning labs, and on-site living for scholars-in-residence.

Image: Apple

Apple is backing up its commitment to its $100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative (REJI) with a series of projects designed to provide training and educational resources for students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

Propel Center

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On Wednesday, the company announced a new innovation and learning hub called the Propel Center. Apple’s $25 million funding toward this hub aims to help HBCU students and teachers through a virtual platform, a physical campus at Atlanta University, and on-campus launches at participating partners.

The Propel Center will offer a variety of courses and training objectives, including AI and machine learning, agricultural technologies, social justice, entertainment arts, app development, augmented reality, design and creative arts, career preparation, and entrepreneurship. Apple said it will help design the courses and offer mentorship, learning support, and internships.

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The Propel Center was designed by Ed

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2021 Kia K5 review: The one to beat

The K5 is one snazzy-lookin’ sedan.

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

The Kia K5 — formerly known as the Optima — arrives on the scene with a new name, a new look and new powertrain options. All of these work to not only differentiate it from its predecessor, but help it stand out in the crowded crop of competing midsize sedans.


  • Lively 1.6-liter turbo motor is now standard
  • Nimble, easy-to-drive performance
  • Solid standard cabin and safety tech suite

Don’t Like

  • Only the smaller screen offers wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
  • Automatic lighting is a touch too sensitive

The aesthetic is mostly new, but the K5’s proportions aren’t too far off those of the previous Optima. Overall, the sedan is about 2 inches longer with a 1.8-inch longer wheelbase. Cargo and passenger volume are within a few cubic inches of last year’s numbers, too. The roofline is about an inch lower, which accentuates the more “Stinger-like” fastback profile. Along with the increased length, this gives the K5 a much more planted and menacing look than the Optima it replaces. However, unlike the Stinger, the K5 is not a liftback, retaining a trunk separated from the cabin. A chrome accent

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Second stimulus check deadline is almost here. Will your payment arrive before phase 2?

The IRS is sending $600 stimulus checks now, but if you don’t get yours by next week, you may have to wait.

Angela Lang/CNET

Mark your mental calendar for Friday, Jan. 15. That’s when the IRS and US Treasury run smack into a deadline to send out second stimulus checks to everyone who’s eligible. After that, anyone who’s left without a stimulus payment will still have a chance to get it, but in a far less organized, far more haphazard way that ties into your 2020 taxes (a complication if you don’t normally file taxes).

It’s good news that there’s already a method in place to claim your missing money with the IRS — it’s called the Recovery Rebate Credit — but there’s much we don’t know about how it works and what the complications could be. What we do know is that the IRS has sent out most of the second stimulus checks through direct deposit and in the mail as a paper check or an EIP debit card. We also know that there may be as much as 20% of the payments still to make.

We also know the IRS is working through a major electronic-transfer

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