5 Big Sur tips to enhance your Mac experience

Below are some tips and features to make the computing experience on your Mac as seamless and feature-rich as possible.

Image: Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

I’m a big fan of macOS and have been for over a decade now. While I’ve been in IT and have been tasked with managing Apple devices professionally for far longer than that, it wasn’t until 2007 when I decided to really dive deeply into then OS X to learn more of the ins and outs of Apple’s operating system.

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Something that always sticks out with me is just how easy-to-use and relatively trouble-free Macs are to keep up compared with other OSes. I resolve computer issues all day long for a living. The last thing I want to do after-hours is jump on a computer again, but if I do, the next to last thing I want to deal with are computer problems.

With Big Sur, Apple has upped the ante with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Hopefully, this collection of tips below will help to make your computing a little smoother and more enjoyable.

1. Show

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2021 Nissan Kicks first drive review: More for your money

The Nissan Kicks is an inexpensive vehicle, but it’s not cheap. Updated for 2021, this likable subcompact crossover offers loads of high-end features and plenty of interior space, all at a bargain-basement price. 

This refreshed five-door benefits from more standard technology, some minor interior changes and, perhaps most significantly, enhanced exterior styling. New wheel designs are offered, plus SV and SR trims gain rear disc brakes. At both ends, the Kicks’ bumpers are reworked and there’s a new, much more rugged-looking grille that dispenses with the outgoing model’s cheeky cuteness. This vehicle’s new face is much hardier than before, more in line with the rest of Nissan’s utility-vehicle lineup. Top-shelf SR models also come with high-tech looking multireflector LED headlights.

Keeping things interesting, seven exterior paint colors are offered, including three new hues. The Kicks is also available with five two-tone combinations, including Electric Blue with a Super Black roof, which is what you see here. It’s a sharp-looking color scheme and I applaud Nissan for offering two-tone paintjobs on its vehicles.

This crossover’s interior is a no-nonsense affair, with a straightforward dashboard layout. The climate controls feel good and are simple to operate, plus both the front and rear

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IRS stimulus check scams aim to snatch your payment. Know these facts now

Knowledge is power: The IRS will never call, text or email you to verify information. 

Sarah Tew/CNET

A second stimulus check for up to $600 per eligible American is now on its way to tens of millions of people (find out when your check is coming, and calculate how much money you’re likely to receive). Once again, scammers are using news of the second stimulus check as a lure to try to steal your money and personal information. 

The Better Business Bureau has already received reports from people contacted through text message, email and phone calls about the new stimulus checks. Urgent emails, text messages or phone calls that instruct you to click a link to confirm your payment or enter more information are fake, and you should never click the link or enter your bank or personal information. 

Here are the most common and notorious scams that target your second stimulus check — and what to do if you think you’ve been swindled. We’ve drawn from the IRS website’s official guidance on avoiding economic impact payment schemes.

The IRS will never text you

If “the IRS” or “Internal Revenue Service” unexpectedly sends you an urgent text

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