Q Acoustics 3030i review: Want fun? Just add music

Speaker manufacturer Q Acoustics has been making some great budget equipment since the company first appeared back in 2006, and its latest 3000i series is its best yet. While it’s not the last word in transparency, the Q Acoustics 3030i offers tremendous fun from your favorite movies and rock tracks. It looks great, sounds great and is relatively affordable. When you throw in its great compatibility with budget equipment, I have no hesitation in proclaiming this a worthy CNET Editors’ Choice winner.


  • Excellent performance for the money
  • Huge, detailed sound
  • Plenty of bass power
  • Tidy, attractive cabinet

Don’t Like

  • Longer than normal break in period.

I used the larger 3050i speaker as part of my test system in the CNET audio lab before the start of the coronavirus outbreak. The bookshelf-size 3030i delivers some of the floorstanders’ power at a more attractive price. This $400 speaker manages to challenge competitors worth even more, including models from Bowers and Wilkins and the Elac Debut Reference. Unfortunately I’m not able to compare the Q Acoustics against its main competition, the slightly cheaper Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 ($350 at Audio Advice). Still, from my hours of listening to

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You have a week to claim a stimulus payment from the IRS, but time is running out

There are pockets of people who are still owed a stimulus payment from the IRS.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Washington lawmakers have made little progress in stimulus talks to approve a second economic payment of up to $1,200 per qualifying adult, but the good news is that some people may be owed the first stimulus payment and there’s still time to get it. Most people got their payment from the IRS without having to do anything to claim it, but some groups need to take one extra step and actually file a claim with the agency.

If you’re in one of these groups, time is running out to claim your payment and still get it this year: You have until Nov. 21 at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET) to claim a first-time or catch-up payment using the Non-Filers tool, for example, if you received some but not all of your allotted stimulus amount. (Here’s how to estimate your total stimulus payment.) You’ll have to wait until tax season 2021 to make your claim if you miss that Nov. 21 deadline.

If any of the scenarios below describe your situation, the IRS still may owe you a first

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