LG CineBeam PH30N review: Palm-size projector shines softly

The LG PH30N is a tiny, somewhat weird, portable projector. You could hold it in your hand and nearly put it in your pocket. That tiny size lets you create images in places where other projectors don’t fit — a second “screen” on your desk, a TV show on the ceiling, YouTube recipe videos in the kitchen. There’s even an internal battery. What it doesn’t have, unlike some portable PJ competitors, is internal apps. Instead, you need to connect a streaming stick or run HDMI from somewhere. 


  • Absolutely tiny
  • 720p resolution
  • Built-in battery

Don’t Like

  • Not very bright
  • Power brick is nearly half the size of the projector.

The PH30N ends up being a rather odd product that’s tough for me to wholeheartedly recommend. It doesn’t perform well enough to outshine the better portable projectors like the Anker Nebular Mars II Pro or ViewSonic M2, nor is it as easy to use. Overall it’s not bad and I liked it better overall than the (slightly cheaper, waaaay cuter) BenQ GV1, but in both cases my advice is to spend a little more for a much better projector. If your budget has a hard cap or you just

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Sorry, not everyone will get a second stimulus check. Here’s what we know now

Not everyone in the US will be eligible for a second stimulus payment.

Sarah Tew/CNET

As the calendar begins to run out on 2020, there’s still no deal on a new economic rescue package on Capitol Hill. But a second stimulus check is still possible in the final legislation, as an alarming spike in new coronavirus cases threatens the US once again with economic lockdown in some areas. (President-elect Joe Biden also has a coronavirus stimulus plan that includes another check.)

While we won’t know the eligibility rules, payment timeline or amount until a law is created, we have an educated guess who may not qualify for another round of funding, based on the first stimulus payment and on the various proposals for a new bill

Some people who won’t get a second check (or even a first) won’t meet the qualifications. In other examples, the eligibility rules should shift in someone’s favor, or away from it. Here’s what we know so far. We regularly update this story.

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Next stimulus checks: What to expect



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