Sorry, not everyone will get a second stimulus payment. Here’s what we know

Not everyone in the US will be eligible for a second stimulus payment.

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Would you qualify for a second stimulus check? With the Senate back, President Donald Trump currently silent on the matter and a new COVID-19 relief bill on pause until negotiations restart, it’s hard to say for sure. (Here’s President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus stimulus plan, which includes another check.) 

However, while we don’t know when another payment could arrive or exactly how much money you’d personally get, we do know who made the cut for the first stimulus check and how some key requirement might change. 

We’ve also examined the recent proposals for a new stimulus bill and can therefore take an educated guess at who might not be eligible for a second relief payment. Read on for what we know and don’t. And here are the stimulus check myths and facts you should know. This story was recently updated.

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