2021 Audi RS7 review: What’s not to like?

Gotta love that profile.

Steven Ewing/Roadshow

If for some reason you just can’t jump on the RS6 Avant bandwagon (pun absolutely intended), Audi has another option for you: the RS7. With its sleek looks, sharp handling and class-leading cabin tech, the Audi RS7 is one of the best all-around luxury-performance cars you can buy today.


  • Tremendous V8 power
  • Sharp handling thanks to standard performance hardware
  • Best-in-class multimedia tech

Don’t Like

  • Not as functional as the less-expensive RS6 Avant
  • 17 mpg combined — yikes!
  • Driver-assistance tech isn’t standard

The RS7 certainly looks the business, all angular and mean, with broad shoulders and wide hips and that classically beautiful Sportback silhouette. I’ll admit I still find the taillights of the current A7/S7/RS7 models to be a little frumpy, but that’s a small nit to pick on an otherwise flawless design. Considering the last RS7 was a little too sedate-looking for its own good, it’s nice to see Audi flexing a bit of design muscle with this latest RS hatch.

On the other hand, I’m equally glad Audi’s designers exercised plenty of restraint when penning the RS7’s cabin. What could’ve been a mess of unnecessary angles and overstyled surfaces is instead quite

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Second stimulus check: Every major way another payment could pass or fail before 2021

The election results are in, but the future of a second stimulus check is still uncertain.

Sarah Tew/CNET

No sooner had the first stimulus check passed than the second direct payment became a possibility. Over seven months later, it still isn’t clear if the US will get another stimulus check, or when, despite support from both sides of the political spectrum. Americans want it, too, according to a September Gallup poll and an October survey from CNBC/Change Research.

With President Donald Trump now wrapping up his term and President-elect Joe Biden eyeing a transition to the presidency on Jan. 20, the situation is no clearer than it was before the Nov. 3 election.

Although Biden won’t have direct influence over a COVID-relief bill until inauguration, the framework for a stimulus plan he shared as part of his campaign does include a second stimulus check, as well as a boost in weekly unemployment benefits. (Without another stimulus package before Dec. 31, these remaining benefits disappears.)

With the Republican-led Senate returning to Washington on Monday, it’s unclear how the shift in administration and mood in Washington could affect the on-again, off-again negotiations and whether more direct payments would

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