How soon could the IRS send your second stimulus check? The update on a timeline

How quickly could the IRS send your money? We have some potential dates.

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When it comes to the delivery of a second stimulus check, there are a few ways to look at the timing of a future package. The first is, when will Congress vote on a coronavirus funding bill that certifies another direct payment. There’s also the question of how quickly the US Treasury and IRS can mobilize payments to go out. Lastly, when will you personally receive the stimulus money that your household is entitled to?

We break down these categories into groups, including some important dates — based on the actual Congressional calendar — that are important in painting a picture of when another stimulus check could realistically come your way. 

Just so we don’t get ahead of ourselves, it’s important to remember a few more things:

Read on for more information about the stimulus check timeline. This story recently updated.

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Next stimulus checks: What to expect


When could Congress pass the next stimulus bill? 

House Majority Speaker Steny Hoyer said Nov. 27 that “The House may complete legislative business early the week of Dec. 7,” including

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If a second stimulus payment happens, here’s who might not get any money

Will you get another stimulus check if one’s approved? Not everyone will.

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With Congress under a tight deadline to reach agreement on another economic relief bill before the end of the year, those who qualified for a payment the first time around should prepare themselves for the possibility that their personal life circumstances may’ve changed in a way to make them ineligible for a second check (or a smaller one). It’s also possible that Congress will agree on new rules that shift who will and won’t be able to get another check.

For example, lawmakers have already presented several proposals for a second check that would substantially change who would and wouldn’t qualify for another payment, depending on their economic situation. We’ll step through the requirements we know about now that could prevent you from getting another payment. 

A word before we begin, however. We won’t know all the final rules around requirements, the IRS payment schedule or the size of the check you could receive, so until a deal happens, read this overview as one potential direction a future bill could go in. There are signals that some qualifications may change, and that could

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Black Friday 2020 Deals on Apple Products

If you’re looking for Apple products this holiday shopping season and don’t want to max out your budget, check out these Black Friday deals.

Black Friday 2020 is sure to be one for the books, with hundreds of merchants getting in on the action this year. There are many deals on Apple devices, including the Apple Watch, iPads, MacBooks, iPhones, and more. Below are some of the top Black Friday deals on Apple products. 

Disclaimer: These Black Friday sales run for a limited time; prices are subject to change, and quantities are limited. 

Apple Watch Series 6 (44mm) in Product(RED)

Image: Amazon

If you’re looking for a smartwatch to gift your loved one this holiday season, the Apple Watch Series 6 may be a viable option. The 44mm GPS model in Product(RED) or Blue features a sensor to measure blood oxygen levels and heart rhythm, an always-on Retina display allowing for easier viewing of the screen, and wearers can take calls and reply to text messages from the device, according to the company. 

$409 at Amazon


Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch)

Image: B&H Photo

For the MacBook user in your life, consider the 16-inch Apple MacBook Pro. This laptop in Space

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If there’s no second stimulus check in the next rescue bill, you could still benefit

Several financial support programs will run by year’s end with Congress’ help.

James Martin/CNET

After months of wrangling and urging and talking, Congress is down to a handful of days to agree on another economic relief package before the end of the year. On Friday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer flagged a window in the next two weeks that his chamber will have to work out details on the beleaguered COVID-19 relief bill, specifically Dec. 2 to early in the week of Dec. 7.

In the run-up to Congress’ return to Washington, an increasing number of leaders are calling on lawmakers to pass a short-term relief package to see the country through the next few months, which President-elect Joe Biden has termed a “dark winter.” That could mean extending some of the most critical programs set to expire at the end of the year and leaving out a second economic stimulus check, with the idea that Congress could take up discussions on a broader package once Biden takes office on Jan. 20.

Even then, a second stimulus payment is no guarantee. Adversaries suggest it may not be necessary since a forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine

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Black Friday 2020: Great Smartphones Deals

If you’re looking for a smartphone upgrade this holiday season, these 10 devices can up your mobile game without breaking the bank–as long as you shop these Black Friday deals quickly.

As 2020 draws to an end and holiday shopping begins, it’s important to think about the theme of the year, COVID-19, before going to the mall to buy gifts. There’s a good chance we’ll be doing a lot of our holiday gifts shopping online this year, which can make hunting for a good bargain hard to do: There are a lot of items for sale this Black Friday on Amazon and other e-commerce sites, and scrolling through all those devices to find great deals can be tough! 

These 10 smartphones are all on sale for Black Friday, and each offers something that makes it a great deal for the price. Please note that all phones in this article are being sold unlocked; prices, rebate offers, and carrier dealers will make the price vary, so be sure to consult your service provider before buying—they may have an exclusive deal for you that beats one of these. Prices for these smartphone deals apply to the entry-level models. Additional storage capacity, different

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2020 Hyundai Nexo review: This hydrogen fuel-cell SUV deserves your attention

The Nexo is the best-looking hydrogen-powered car out there.

Daniel Golson/Roadshow

We’ve been hearing for decades that hydrogen fuel-cell cars would be the future, but it’s never really happened. Sure, there have been some limited-run production cars like the Honda FCX, as well as lots of concepts and prototypes. But right now, and only if you live in California, there are just three hydrogen-powered cars you can buy: the Honda ClarityToyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo. After spending a week with a Nexo I can safely say that it’s the best of the bunch. And if you can make hydrogen life work for you, it’s a fantastic all-around crossover to boot. 


  • Fantastic interior styling
  • Extremely quiet and composed ride
  • Long driving range
  • Tons of tech onboard

Don’t Like

  • Slow acceleration and no AWD
  • Filling up can be a pain
  • Only available in California

First, a quick primer of how the Nexo actually works. The hydrogen fuel is stored in a tank under the floor of the car. That hydrogen gets sent to the fuel-cell stack, where it’s combined with oxygen from the air intakes in an electrochemical reaction, creating electricity and water. A single motor on

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