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This gift guide features cool and handy accessories for smartphones, smartwatches, and laptops.

With people turning to mobile devices now more than ever, accessories for smartphones, smartwatches, and laptops make great gifts for your loved ones or coworkers. This gift guide offers options for power banks and chargers, smartwatch bands, phone cases, earbuds, and more to help you narrow down which mobile accessories to gift this holiday season.   

RAVPower Fast Wireless charger 

Image: Amazon

Being able to charge a smartphone quickly makes anyone happy. Why not give the gift of fast charging with the RAVPower Fast Wireless charger? This charger works for iOS and Android devices, including the new iPhone 12. As long as the smartphone is Qi-compatible, this charger can get the job done, and the user doesn’t even have to remove their phone case. 

$16 at Amazon


AUKEY USB-C power bank

Image: Amazon

Anyone who’s had the battery on their smartphone or laptop die while they’re away from their charger can tell you that it’s very inconvenient. A power bank can prevent the problem and would be a great gift for any mobile device user. The AUKEY USB-C power bank is a viable option to consider. The sleek

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Full-body workout vs. split workout: Only one is worth your time

Unless you have six or more hours per week to work out, bicep curls really aren’t in your best interest.

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Hate to break it to you, but you should probably stop doing bicep curls if you only have a couple of hours per week to work out. They’re kind of useless if you’re time-limited and want to improve your fitness. Quadricep extensions, calf raises, tricep push-downs and other isolation exercises also won’t do much for you if you don’t have time to dedicate to functional movements like squats, deadlifts, push-ups and shoulder presses

There’s no skirting the fact that functional, full-body movements provide the most value for time and effort. Exercises like lunges and push-ups will always be more effective than exercises that isolate a single muscle — and for those of us with limited time, we owe it to ourselves to get the most out of each and every workout. 

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Full-body vs. split workouts


Full-body workouts are a time saver.

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A full-body workout engages all of your muscle groups during one

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Yes, your second stimulus check could be bigger than the first. Here’s how

Would the amount of your stimulus check go up or down in the second round, or stay the same? Here’s what we know and how it could change.

Angela Lang/CNET

Negotiations to pass a new economic stimulus package — or at least a second stimulus check of up to $1,200 per person — are inching forward, though it’s still uncertain whether any sort of agreement will be reached prior to the Nov. 3 election.

If a new stimulus bill is approved, it may differ enough from the first stimulus check (or your life circumstances may have sufficiently changed) to yield a different amount of money in a second round. Here’s how the IRS calculates your payment and how to get an estimate for the size of your second direct payment. Any changes to the eligibility rules might have an impact as well. 

Keep reading for everything to know about stimulus payment amounts right now. We frequently update this story.

6 ways you could get more money with a new payment

If approved as part of an economic rescue bill, a second stimulus check is expected to roughly follow the guidelines used for the first stimulus check and perhaps

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2021 Genesis GV80 first drive review: Splashy, sumptuous and special SUV

Have you ever come across one of those fantastical news stories of somebody who randomly wakes up with the ability to play piano? You know, a person whose fingers suddenly and magically master classical sonatas, having never so much as stumbled through Chopsticks previously? I’ve always been suspicious of those accounts, but this 2021 Genesis GV80 is making me reconsider. Why? Because with exactly zero experience building true luxury SUVs, this Korean upstart seems to have nailed the brief right out of the box. This is a harmonious, fully realized midsize crossover with its own appeal — one ready to rub shoulders with Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz at the front of the pack.

Admittedly, the Genesis isn’t an overnight sensation, let alone some sort of unknown startup. The brand is built on Hyundai’s considerable shoulders, and Hyundai has been fielding convincing Genesis sedans for years, as well as some awfully good mass-market sport utilities. But this GV80 isn’t just Genesis’ first SUV, it’s the parent company’s first unibody crossover built on rear-wheel-drive architecture, too. But just because Genesis is belatedly arriving to the ball doesn’t mean it’s content to be a wallflower.

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2021 Genesis

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