Top 5G Smartphones of 2020

2020 is the year of the 5G smartphone, with all the major players releasing devices that are able to take advantage of the latest cellular technology. Here are 5G smartphones worth checking out.

5G smartphones have been around since 2019, but 2020 is the year that all the biggest smartphone manufacturers got in on the game and made 5G devices the gold standard in mobile technology. These 5G smartphones stand out as some of the best available.

iPhone 12

Image: Apple

Apple’s first 5G smartphone comes as part of a major upgrade to its iPhone design, with new flat aluminum edges in place of the iPhone 11’s curved ones. The iPhone 12 also has a new Ceramic Shield screen that Apple claims can handle drops four times better than previous iPhones. Also available is the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, the larger, even more specced out versions, which start at $999 and $1,099, respectively, for unlocked models. The standard iPhone 12 starts at $829 unlocked.



Google Pixel 5

Image: Google

Google’s 5G flagship phone can reportedly last 48 hours on a charge and can adapt its battery to reduce power to certain apps while giving extra juice to

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2021 Toyota Venza review: Rebooting into luxury

Yes, that’s a Venza.

Tim Stevens/Roadshow

It’s quite common, expected even, that a given model of car will grow and grow as it ages through subsequent redesigns and refreshes. Like many of us, cars get bigger as they get older. But, it’s not every day that a given model genuinely moves up-market, offering the same level of feature and function but in a nicer package. In this way, the new Venza is a bit of a rare bird, its 2021 model year reboot turning this machine from a frumpy family hauler to a clean, sharp and genuinely premium SUV.


  • Sharp new looks
  • Good efficiency and drivability
  • That crazy roof

Don’t Like

  • Entune needs a similar retooling

And that’s important because there are oh so many crossovers and SUVs to choose from these days. Hell, just keeping in the family you have the C-HR, RAV4, Highlander, 4Runner, Sequoia and Land Cruiser to choose from. How, then, does a product like the Venza break from the den of anonymity?

Well, it starts off with a fresh new look that’s sharp and distinctive while still honoring its Toyota DNA, particularly the gaping lower grille and aggressively pronounced

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Roku Streambar review: No-brainer TV sound and streaming upgrade

Compact soundbars like the Vizio M-Series 2.1 and the Yamaha SR-B20A offer improved TV sound in a small package. 4K HDR streamers like the Chromecast with Google TV and Roku Streaming Stick Plus deliver better streaming to any TV. Until now, however, no product has combined the two into a single, do-it-all package under $150. That’s what the Roku Streambar does, and it does the job very well.


  • Compact, easy to set up and affordable
  • Excellent dialogue reproduction
  • Tried and true Roku experience

Don’t Like

  • Lacks bass in movies and music
  • Limited ability to tailor the sound

The Streambar follows the footsteps of last year’s Roku Smart Soundbar with a smaller size and more affordable price. Usually the biggest issue with hybrid devices is that they’ve compromised too much in some area, and while the Streambar isn’t sonically perfect — lack of bass is its biggest weakness — it makes up for that with excellent sound for dialogue and an ability to fill a room that belies its tiny footprint. Sure, it lacks a subwoofer, but it can still beat your TV’s speakers without one. 

Then again, so can a lot of other soundbars. If you want superior

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Your second stimulus check may arrive before or after others’. We worked out some dates

It’s true, not everyone gets their stimulus payment at the same time.

Sarah Tew/CNET

For months now, we’ve been tracking the progress of a second stimulus check, which has been under discussion since May. As negotiations continue to approve new funding to help hundreds of millions of Americans who qualify survive the coronavirus recession, an agreement remains elusive — making it difficult to predict when your payment will arrive.

That funding may or may not be authorized prior to the Nov. 3 election, but we’ve sketched out four possible timelines for when a second check could come, based on the developments on Capitol Hill. A new check is expected to bring up to $1,200 for individuals and even more money for some families. While the dates might change, the overall schedule for when payments are sent should remain about the same and that’s important to understanding if you’d get your stimulus check in the first batch, or one of the last. 

Regardless of when a final bill passes that includes another stimulus payment, the eventual eligibility rules will affect which priority group you fall in and how soon you can get paid (we explain more

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How to use Back Tap to trigger specific actions on your iPhone

By tapping the back of your iPhone two or three times, you can launch different actions and commands when running iOS 14 or higher.

Image: James Martin/CNET

Normally you perform specific actions on an iPhone by pressing physical buttons or tapping the front screen. But with iOS 14, Apple has introduced a new and innovative way to trigger an action, command, or shortcut just by tapping the back of your phone.

You can now set your iPhone to react to a double or triple tap on its back. That tapping can lead to a variety of actions, such as opening the Home screen, taking a screenshot, muting your phone, or calling upon Siri.

It can also turn on certain accessibility features, such as the Magnifier or Voice Control. And it can enable any Siri Shortcut you’ve created on your iPhone. The back tapping is sensitive enough that it even works through a case. Here’s how to set it up and use it.

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First, make sure you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 14 or higher. Open Settings and go to General and then Software Update. Your

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