Stimulus check money: Could you receive $1,200 or more from the IRS?

We help you calculate the maximum amount that could end up in your piggy bank if another stimulus payment comes your way.

Angela Lang/CNET

Thanks to a possible change in eligibility rules for a new round of direct payments (which could mean more money for you and your dependents), your family may get paid more with a second stimulus check than you saw in your first stimulus payment the federal government sent earlier this year.

Congress must first negotiate and then pass legislation (or an executive action must be signed) to determine if you may qualify to receive $1,200 or a different amount, depending on the size of the total relief package. While that negotiation process inches on, let’s examine all that we currently know about what a second round of stimulus payments could look like. For a broader view, read the most important stimulus topics, and try CNET’s stimulus check calculator to estimate your potential payment.

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How to find out if your payment could be more than $1,200

The $1,200 figure for individuals is based on guidelines from the last stimulus bill and two proposals,

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