2020 Audi R8 Spyder review: It never gets old

Top up or top down, the R8 is a looker.

Steven Ewing/Roadshow

I’ve been lucky enough to drive pretty much every iteration of the Audi R8 since it hit the scene more than a decade ago and all I can say is, it never gets old. Do I miss the original V8/manual coupe? Heck yeah I do. Is this 2020 Spyder V10 Performance model an absolute peach? Heck yeah it is.


  • Powerful, great-sounding V10 engine
  • Sharp handling chops
  • Easy to drive day to day
  • Virtual Cockpit tech is some of the best

Don’t Like

  • Styling tweaks don’t improve the overall design
  • Lacks some driver-assistance features

Little tweaks for 2020

The R8 got a few updates for 2020, most notably a few cosmetic changes that I hesitate to call upgrades. The little non-functional fangs on the sides of the fascia are styling for styling’s sake and around back, the honeycomb mesh over the air outlets spans the full width of the car. I’m not really a fan of either tweak, but I will say I love the huge exhaust pipes and the black badges are cool, too. Design is obviously subjective and hey, people still stop and gawk at this

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Second stimulus check: When the IRS could send a new payment and who could get it first

How soon could your second stimulus check come? We lay out some possible dates from the time the bill is passed to when your money could actually arrive.

James Martin/CNET

Is a second stimulus check still coming in 2020? Talks meant to finalize a new stimulus bill have been deadlocked for weeks, but another direct payment isn’t out of the question. Both chambers of Congress and the White House favor sending another round of stimulus money to people who meet the qualifications.

If a stimulus payment is authorized (either by bill or possible executive action using money allocated to emergency pandemic programs), Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has stated the checks could go out within a week. 

Depending on how everything proceeds in Washington over the next few weeks, we can get an idea of when payments could go out and who could be first in line for another payment. CNET’s stimulus check calculator can also help you estimate how much money you could expect to see. This story was recently updated.

Potential dates the IRS could send a new stimulus check

Here are some possible dates that the IRS could send the

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