Apple’s 2030 carbon neutrality goal gets a boost from huge Danish wind turbines

The tech giant is investing in a pair of 200-meter tall wind turbines to help power its newly opened data center in Viborg, Denmark.

Image: iStock/MrJub

Apple’s commitment to powering itself entirely with carbon-neutral energy by 2030 is getting a boost in Europe thanks to the company’s investment in a pair of gigantic wind turbines. The massive turbines are being built in Esbjerg, Denmark, and will stand 200 meters, or 656 feet, tall, making them two of the largest onshore wind turbines in the world. To put their size in perspective, the average onshore turbine in the United States is 466 feet tall, and the tallest is only 574 feet, making the two Esbjerg turbines nearly 100 feet taller. 

The twin Esbjerg turbines will generate 62 GWh per year, or enough energy to power 20,000 homes, and will supply power to Apple’s recently opened Viborg data center, which Apple said is already completely powered by renewable energy. The Viborg data center helps power the European versions of the App Store, iMessage, Apple Music, and other Apple services. 

Apple’s commitment to being completely powered with renewable energy by 2030 won’t stop with its data centers and business operations, the

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2020 Cadillac CT5-V review: The new meaning of V

For enthusiasts, the arrival of the 2020 Cadillac CT5-V requires some brain recalibration. It’s natural to think it’s a replacement for the 640-horsepower CTS-V, but you’d be wrong. In 2020, V no longer signifies the performance pinnacle in the Caddy stable. That now falls to the new forthcoming V Blackwing designation and relegates V to represent the middle-ground performers, what we previously knew as V-Sports. Got it? Good.


  • Excellent handling dynamics
  • Stellar CUE infotainment system
  • Wallet-friendly base price

Don’t Like

  • Low engine redline
  • Not-so-grabby brakes
  • Bland interior design

But don’t pooh-pooh the CT5-V. With its sharp looks, gaggle of cabin and safety tech, lively turbo V6 and good driving manners, this Caddy has a lot going for it.

Sleek Caddy

The CT5-V is one of the better-looking Cadillacs in recent history. It’s got a long hood line and fastback silhouette that’s particularly more aggressive with my test car’s standout Velocity Red paint job and contrasting black trim. Nineteen-inch, split-spoke wheels, a tasteful rear spoiler and quad exhaust tips finish off this sedan with exterior dimensions that put it close to the likes of the Audi A6/S6, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Surprisingly, the tale of

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Poll: 7 in 10 people want a second stimulus check for qualified adults. Who might be eligible?

Congress hasn’t yet agreed who’ll be eligible to receive a second stimulus check, but it’s expected that more people will be included the second time around.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Negotiators on Capitol Hill are being pressured to seek common ground on the size and substance of a new stimulus bill, and they have broad support from Americans for a second stimulus check. A Gallup survey of 5,000 Democrats, independents and Republicans released Tuesday finds that 7 in 10 Americans favor a new stimulus bill with another round of direct payments for adults who meet the eligibility requirements.

White House and Democratic negotiators have stated that they’re ready to pick up talks on additional assistance for Americans. Perhaps when the Senate returns on Sept. 8, negotiations for another stimulus bill can resume.

“Americans need our help and deserve a bill that meets the needs of the nation,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted Thursday.

If another stimulus bill does pass, we can outline the likely eligibility requirements for adults and dependents. Read on for everything we know right now. We update this story regularly.

Everyone who could qualify for a second stimulus check

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How to use widgets on the Home Screen in iOS 14

Widgets have been completely redesigned in iOS 14 and allow you to keep important information on the Home Screen. We’ll show you how to use these widgets and more on your Apple devices.

Image: CNET

Widgets have been an iOS feature in the Today View since iOS 10, when apps could begin showing widgets on both the Today section of Notification Center and when users long-pressed on an app icon on the Home Screen.

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In iOS 14, the widgets and the system to display them have been completely revamped from the ground up. The old style of widgets (and their interact-ability) has been changed as well, leaving a new uniform style guide for widgets that look great on the Home Screen.

Yes, you heard right, widgets in iOS 14 don’t have to be siloed to the Today View, instead they can be placed on the Home Screen alongside your app icons. Continue reading to learn more about how widgets work and how to add them to your Home Screen. 

How to view widgets in the Today View

You can view your widgets in the Today View as you always have by

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