OnePlus Nord review: This 5G phone has it all

With 5G, a solid lineup of specs and a beautiful, vibrant design, the OnePlus Nord offers a hell of a lot for a reasonable price. At under 500 euros (about $570, £450 or AU$820), it’s significantly cheaper than its $999 flagship sibling, the OnePlus 8 Pro.

This phone packs a potent octacore processor, a vibrant 6.44-inch display, an in-display fingerprint scanner and 5G connectivity for ultrafast data speeds. All of that’s wrapped up in a great-looking blue body that feels anything but cheap. Add to that three rear cameras that take decent shots and two selfie cameras, and the Nord is as well-stacked as any of today’s elite handsets.


  • Affordable price
  • 5G-enabled
  • Attractive, vibrant design

Don’t Like

  • Unavailable in US
  • Not water resistant
  • Frustrating fingerprint scanner

So what’s the catch?

There are a couple of tiny compromises: There’s no IP rating for waterproofing as you’ll get on the OnePlus 8 ($675 at Amazon) and 8 Pro, and the in-display fingerprint scanner is very hit and miss. Neither of which are deal-breakers. The bigger problem for most of you is that this excellent phone isn’t available in the US. It’s currently due for release in the

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Trump’s executive stimulus orders: When they start, are they legal, what you should know

The president made good on his threat to intercede in ongoing stimulus package negotiations this weekend, issuing actions to cover four key interests.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Following the failure of Democrats and Republicans to agree on another COVID-19 stimulus package by Friday’s self-imposed deadline, President Donald Trump signed an executive order and issued three memoranda Saturday during a high politicized press conference. Trump went on to say he would provide economic relief during the current recession caused by the coronavirus. The executive actions, however, could face legal challenges and have already been sharply criticized by Democratic negotiators.

“Today’s meager announcements by the President show President Trump still does not comprehend the seriousness or the urgency of the health and economic crises facing working families,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, the top Democrats, said in a joint statement. “We’re disappointed that instead of putting in the work to solve Americans’ problems, the President instead chose to stay on his luxury golf course to announce unworkable, weak and narrow policy announcements to slash the unemployment benefits that millions desperately need and endanger seniors’ Social Security and Medicare.”

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