Peacock review: A ton of free, ad-supported NBC content, but it doesn’t work on every device

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Peacock, the new streaming service from Comcast-owned NBCUniversal, is an experiment of sorts: Its tiled interface and big-name network make it look on the surface like a Netflix or Hulu competitor. But its content, which includes live news and sports, new original series and a large back catalog of TV shows and movies — and the fact that it has a free tier — actually makes it more of a top-of-the-line free streaming service, like Pluto TV, Tubi and Roku Channels. (Editor’s note: Pluto TV is owned by ViacomCBS, the parent company of CNET, as are CBS, Showtime and Peacock competitor CBS All Access.)


  • Strong free version available
  • Large back catalog of shows and movies
  • Live news and next-day access to some NBC shows

Don’t Like

  • Missing many marquee catalog titles like The Office, and others may be leaving soon
  • Few originals at launch, and few movies from the past decade
  • Confusing Channels and Trending sections
  • Missing key features like user profiles, mobile downloads, 4K HDR and Roku/Amazon device support

Peacock’s free tier — which rivals Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus and HBO Max currently lack — offers about 13,000 hours

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How much stimulus check money would you get? Here are potential calculations

A second stimulus check is coming. Could you get the full $1,200 amount?

Angela Lang/CNET

Heading into the weekend, Republican and Democratic negotiators for the next economic rescue bill appear far from reaching any agreement on the package except for one thing: a second stimulus check, with both sides proposing a new payment for those who meet the qualifications

And while both parties also agree on a $1,200 figure for the next round of checks, don’t count on that amount yet (here’s when it could arrive). How much you could get would depend on a handful of variables, including your annual income and number of dependents. And until the two sides do settle on the final amount, that $1,200 figure isn’t set in stone. Several times this week, President Donald Trump has hinted the final amount of the check could be more than $1,200 — though that outcome is unlikely.

Here’s everything we know about the stimulus proposal from the Senate and how much money adults, children, dependents and families could potentially get based on their salary, marital status and more. This story updates frequently.

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Stimulus Standoff on Capitol Hill



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10 Essential iOS Apps – TechRepublic

Check out a developer’s picks of 10 essential iOS apps, which focus on security, productivity, and more.

Over the past 13 years, as iPhones and iPads have become fixtures in more users’ lives, the number of apps and the Apple App Store ecosystem have expanded to offer services and apps that iOS users rely on each day. If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, chances are, you have pages of apps installed, but which ones are really must-haves?

This is my list of essential iOS apps that I use every single day. Some of these apps manage device security, some hold memories, and even more keep me organized, productive, and able to move throughout my day with ease. 

1Password app

Image: 1Password

The iCloud Keychain is great for most users to manage passwords and website logins; however, 1Password handles multiple logins, two-factor authentication (2FA), and multiple shared vaults with ease, making it my go-to password management software. The multiple vaults that can be shared with business partners or others is a no-brainer feature that makes the software worth its weight in… well, passwords. This software supports multiple languages and is a 96.8MB download.

A free trial is available, with different

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