Razer Kishi review: A smooth play for mobile gaming

I crammed the Razer Phone II into it without realizing it needed an add-on. It worked, but don’t try this at home.

Lori Grunin/CNET

Gamers with modern phones, rejoice. Razer follows up its Junglecat controller with a more substantial Joy-Con-alike model: the Razer Kishi, first announced at CES 2020. The Kishi’s pads use tension to attach to the phone and connect via USB-C, which removes the latency and lag of a Bluetooth connection, and means the controller doesn’t require charging. 


  • Standard Xbox and Nintendo Switch controller layout, for the most part
  • USB-C connection with charging pass-through

Don’t Like

  • Thumbsticks are relatively tight and D-pad feels mushy
  • You lose USB-C audio

The Kishi’s larger design allows for a more solid grip, and it has the familiarity of the Xbox and Nintendo Joy-Con Pro controller layouts. It’s not a perfect emulation — the controls are differently spaced from each other than on those other controllers and the feel may not be to everyone’s taste — but it’s one of the most elegant, usable controllers for mobile gaming I’ve tried.

The Razer Kishi for Android is available now for $80 (£80, AU$150). The company expects to ship an MFi-certified model

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Track the status of your IRS stimulus check. Here’s how you do it

An online tool can help tell you when your stimulus money is coming.

James Martin/CNET
For the most up-to-date news and information about the coronavirus pandemic, visit the WHO website.

If you’d like to know the status of your stimulus check, the IRS has a tool for you. Get My Payment is an online portal that can help track your coronavirus relief payment. And if there’s an issue like one of these 10 relatively common reasons why you’ve not received your check, the IRS’ online tracking site may be able to guide your next steps.

The tool can indicate the date your stimulus money might arrive and if you’ll receive a paper check or prepaid debit card, for example. The Get My Payment portal could also signal if there’s an issue with your check that you need to follow up on, like if you need to provide more information before your stimulus money can get processed. Checks top out at $1,200 per person, depending on your income.

We’ll explain how to use Get My Payment tool to track your check. We should point out that the tool isn’t perfect. There are problems others have run into,

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