2020 Toyota RAV4 TRD Off-Road review: A good, rugged all-rounder

The 2020 Toyota RAV4 TRD Off-Road is a rugged-looking small SUV that sits at the top of its model range. Not only does it offer modestly enhanced trail-bashing capability, it’s every bit as refined and versatile as more mainstream versions of the likable RAV4. With handsome lines and plenty of wholesome goodness, there are few reasons not to consider parking one of these machines in your garage.


  • Standard driver-assistance tech
  • Smooth, good-sounding engine
  • Crisp steering feel
  • Nice interior

Don’t Like

  • Low-resolution 360-degree camera
  • Some controls are hard to use
  • Steep as-tested price

TRD Off-Road ‘upgrades’

Separating the TRD Off-Road model from more workaday RAV4s is a range of enhancements. Moderately broader fender flares help give it a bulkier, more planted appearance. Front and rear, the bumpers are new, and there’s a different grille up front. The overall look is cohesive and eye-catching, even if it’s quite similar to what you get with the more affordably priced Adventure-trim version of this Toyota.

As for actual, substantive upgrades, they’re fairly minor. These RAV4s roll on special 18-inch wheels that are treated to a matte-black finish. Providing enhanced traction in a variety of conditions are a set of 255/60R18 Falken

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A bread baker’s 10 essential tools

When it comes to bread baking, things can get serious fast. The stages of progression in my personal bread journey have been: novice to curiously obsessed to all in. Whatever phase you’re going through, there are devices galore that fit your level of interest, experience and budget. Dedicated Bread maker appliances are one approach, and you can even use an Instant Pot to help with proofing, but there’s also plenty of joy to be had making bread with your own hands. 

Whether you’re just starting out, starting to wade in or have gone entirely off the deep end in your bread obsession, these are the tools I recommend to keep things exciting and to help you become the rock star baker you’ve always known you could be.

Sur La Table

Stage 1: Novice

You don’t need many expensive tools to get started baking bread at home. Here are some basics which will set up your home bakery without breaking the bank.


I like using plastic or melamine bowls with tight-fitting lids, so I don’t have to use environmentally unfriendly plastic wrap, and these containers are safer than glass when working with dough that will expand. Having something

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Galaxy A51 review: Samsung builds a $400 phone that people actually want to use

The Galaxy A51’s 6.5-inch screen won’t wash out in direct sunlight.

Juan Garzon/CNET

How good can a $400 phone really be? When the device in question is the Samsung Galaxy A51, the answer is simple: good. In fact, Samsung’s budget phone (£329 in the UK and AU$599 in Australia) more than holds its own against Apple’s iPhone SE (which starts at $399, £419 and AU$749). Screen size and clarity, phone features, camera quality and performance — it delivers in every key way but one.


  • 6.5-inch screen is detailed and bright
  • Wide-angle camera option
  • Headphone jack

Don’t Like

  • Processor speed drags
  • No water resistance

As the first real representative of the Galaxy A family in the US, the A51 is a convincing effort that proves that Samsung can make a good midprice phone that people will want to buy. And they should. By the way, the Galaxy A51 is sold at Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Amazon and as part of a package bundle at Samsung.com

It’s the speed of its Samsung-made Exynos 9611 processor that’s the Galaxy A51’s Achilles’ heel. Performance feels sluggish handling day-to-day activities such as waiting for a website to load or for

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