Galaxy S20 Plus review: The best of both worlds

In Samsung’s Galaxy S20 world, the S20 Plus is most in need of an identity. Smack dab in the middle of the smaller, cheaper Galaxy S20 and the gargantuan Galaxy S20 Ultra (with an eye-watering price tag to match), the S20 Plus has very little to differentiate itself from the other two. Pricing starts at $1,199, £999 and AU$1,499. 


  • Large, brilliant screen
  • Excellent camera image quality
  • Supports fastest 5G speeds

Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Thick, heavy, unrefined

The S20 Plus’ two main assets are the 6.7-inch screen (larger than the standard S20’s 6.2-inch display), and the fact that it supports the fastest 5G speeds, using mmWave technology. With the exception of Verizon‘s unreleased model, the Galaxy S20 taps into a slower version of 5G called Sub-6. 

There’s a smattering of other perks. The S20 Plus has a larger battery than the S20 (but smaller than the Ultra), which in our looping video test lasted 21 hours in airplane mode and 17 hours, 15 minutes in our Wi-Fi test that simulates real-world use. That’s when using the default 60Hz screen refresh rate.

Unlike the S20, the Plus gives you an option to buy a 512GB variant. The larger model

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