The most battery-draining apps of 2020

Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp are among the top 10 apps with the biggest drains on your smartphone battery, a new report from Uswitch reveals.

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As convenient as the bevy of apps on a smartphone are, some favorites are likely also some of the biggest battery drainers, according to a new report from Uswitch, a United Kingdom-based mobile comparison site. If you don’t want your phone to die when you don’t have access to power or want to carry around a bulky battery pack you might want to consider cutting out some apps and using your browser to access the apps’ website; this method has worked as a workaround for users tired of how Facebook drains their battery life.

The biggest battery-draining culprits? They’re likely to be among the linked icons occupying precious mobile wall space: Google, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

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